Our Services

Deck Clean

Turn that old, dirty, stained deck into a clean, new looking one with our deck cleaning service.

We cover all the work and transform your deck to something you can be proud of.


Not only will you love it, but your guests will notice and love it too, really enhancing that curbside appeal and resale value.

Siding Clean

Get your home looking good as new. Bringing out the colours and the whites to really make your home “pop”.  



Dock Clean

There is nothing worse then summer coming around and your dock is covered in moss, algae, stains, and more.

We can get that dock cleaned up for you so you don’t have to. 


Making it more enjoyable for you to sit by the water and relax on your free time.



Eavestrough Clean

Make those eavestroughs shine! Getting rid of that ugly “tiger striping” and making it look like a fresh coat of paint.


Brightening the eaves does an incredible job at increasing curb appeal and will surely make those neighbours jealous. 


Patio/Pad Clean

Is your patio looking old and weathered? Maybe it’s packed with dirt and grime that doesn’t come out with a simple sweep.

When we clean your patio/pads, we not only save you money on the big expensive machines, but we save you your precious free time.

Driveway Clean

Your driveway is the entrance to your home, and making it look incredible will make your home stand out amongst others.

We will clean your driveway, taking out the stains, dirt and build up that has accumulated over the years. Not only making it more appealing but increasing its longevity.